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King of Hearts: Chapter 01
"You look lonely."
"I am lonely."
Abaddon looked up. He was sat on his silver throne, slumped forwards with his elbows resting on his knees. Rapscall was standing a few feet away, his bloody cleaver hanging by his side with his scarred face covered in blood, which meant he had just returned from a killing spree of sorts. Abaddon didn't question it.
"Nobody wants to hang out with you? Poor Abaddon," Rapscall said with a patronising laugh.
"I prefer to be alone, so it doesn't affect me."
Rapscall snorted. "And here I thought I'd bless you with my presence."
Abaddon scowled and leant back in his throne, crossing his arms. "Just get to the point, Rapscallion."
Rapscall huffed, having a strange distaste for his full name. "I over heard the witch and the twins talking about the prophecy."
Abaddon's ears pricked. "What did they say?"
"She said it's nearly time," Rapscall said. "It's nearly time for her to return."
Abaddon stayed still as he stared forward and muttered to himself. "The child i
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King of Hearts: Chapter 02
With a flick of his wrist Abaddon made another pale blue butterfly appear in his palm. So Alice had been hypnotised to forget him. A sour feeling of hatred crept over. The pathetic humans, ever in denial about the existence of magic, always having to wipe out any trace of it.
Gritting his teeth he clenched his fist, crushing the poor butterfly. He knew he'd be able to remove Alice's hypnotism if he wanted to, just a click of his fingers and she'd be back to normal.
Abaddon had found himself smirking when she had said her favourite book was still Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He remembered how they had spent so many nights reading it over and over again. Personally, he had gotten quite bored after a while; but he could still practically quote the whole book off by heart, even now. He wondered if she could quote it. She was smart, intelligent even when she was incredibly young, so he didn't put that past her abilities.
Abaddon could also remember th
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King of Hearts: Chapter 03
Sitting alone on a swing in the deserted park, Alice slowly swung her feet back and forth, causing the swing to move slightly too. It was strange being the only one sat at the swings, a feeling she wished more than anything wasn't true.
Miriam had been missing for over a week. It was just like the incident with the boy from her childhood all over again. Alice became close friends with someone just before they were cruelly taken away from her. That was if the boy that could perform magic had been real, of course.
It had been a nightmare. Alice had phoned up Miriam's home asking her mother whether Miriam had left yet. Miriam's mother said her daughter had never even returned home. Since Miriam hadn't had her phone on her Alice left to see whether she could track her friend down, but neither she, Janet nor Miriam's own mother could find her. Alice had gone to check the park to search, only to find Miriam's bag and not the girl herself.
That couldn't have been a good sign.
The police weren
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Just...awesome stuff ^^


There's no doubt, no one probably remembers us, we've been dead for a looong, long time.

But we're back now!

We've grown up (thankfully). We're not the idiots we once were (double thankfully!)

if if you're interested in findings so we've moved to TheSuperTwins

See y'all around!

~Koura and Kushina, now Kate and Anne

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