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Just...awesome stuff ^^
Stolen from Vocalizer 

Level 1:

[X]Sleep in class: (Every lesson)
[X]Talked in class: (Every Lesson)
[X]Not seating at your own place in class: 
[X]Scolded by a teacher: 
[X]Litter the classroom
[X]Did not do your homework at least 15 times: 
[X]Submitted your homework late at least 10 times: 
[X]Came late for school at least 10 times: 
[ ]brought/wore home clothes without school's permission:
[X]brought/wore jewellery to school: 
[X]did not pay attention in class for at least 60% of the time: (100% of the time)
[ ]cried out "sian" or "wa lao wei" to the teacher: (what language is that???)
[X]plucked a flower/ killed a plant in school:
[X]copied other people's homework in desperation:
[X]played a trick on your classmates/teacher

Total so far: 13

Level 2:

[X]sent for detention class: 
[X]late in class: 
[X]not wearing your school uniform (if you have) properly:
[X]shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time: 
[ ]scolding vulgarities in class: 
[X]spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school: 
[X]used a school facility without school's permission: 
[X]played soccer/basketball or any other sports in classroom: 
[X]singing loudly during lesson: 
[X]walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time: 
[X]did not greet the teacher properly: (too lazy)
[X]went to the toilet during lesson time without permission:
[X]played a trick on the teacher during april fools: 
[X]used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump: 
[X]made yourself a nuisance to the teacher: 

Total so far: 27

Level 3:

[X]was asked to stay back after school/ break time: (To finish work and came home at 8:00pm(≧∇≦))
[ ]made a fool out of morning assembly: 
[X]wasted the school's toilet paper:
[X]sabotaged someone: 
[X]irritated someone: 

Total so far: 31

Level 4:

[X]forged your parent's signature: 
[X]forged a classmate's signature: 
[ ]forged a teacher's signature: 
[ ]made rude remarks to the school cleaners in front of them: 
[X]flew a paper aeroplane down from the school from at least the fifth storey: (we don't have a fifth storey, so it was just from the highest point of the building)

Total so far: 34

Level 5:

[X]fiddling with your handphone during lesson time: 
[X]played with your PSP in school:
[x]using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission: 
[x]listened to an MP3 player in school:  
[ ]messed with the teacher's pigeon hole: 

Total so far: 38

Level 6:

[X]vandalizing with school property:
[ ]tried to defame your school in public: 
[ ]used the internet to scold teachers: 
[x]fought with someone in school: 
[ ]shoplifted in school: 

Total so far: 40

Level 7:

[X]cheated in a class test: 
[ ]cheated in a school examination: 
[ ]cheated for your PSLE/ GCE 'O' or 'A' Level Examination: 
[x]Lied to your teacher: 
[X]played truancy for hall assemblies/ specific lessons:

Total so far: 43

Level 8:

[X]took drugs in school: (yes, it was paracetamol. We aren't allowed to bring that to school)
[ ]smoked in school: (HELL NO)
[X]set fire to something in the school: (Someone's book in science)
[ ]locked the teacher out of the classroom: 
[ ]played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance: 

Total so far: 45

Level 9:

[X]refused to pay school fees:   
[X]cheated the school money: 
[X]stole things which belonged to the school: (I have a collection of scissors I've absent mindedly put in my pencil case)
[X]bullied someone in school: 

Total so far: 49

Level 10:

[x]raised your voice/shouted against a student leader:
[X]raised your voice/shouted against a teacher: 
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress: 
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal: 
[]raised your voice/shouted against your principal:

Total so far: 52

Level 11:

[ ]brought weapons to the school: 
[ ]brought real firearms to the school: 
[ ]brought a real bomb to the school:
[ ]fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill: 
[ ]dressed up as a terrorist to school:

Grand total: 52

If you are between 0-15 -------------{I am a good student}
If you are between 16-20------------{I am a good student but with occasional trouble}
If you are between 21-30------------{I am an average student}
If you are between 31-40------------{ I am a bad student}
If you are between 41-50------------{ I am a very bad student}
If you are between 51-60------------{I should have been caned by the discipline master}
If you are between 61-65------------{I should have been expelled from school}
If you are between 66-75------------{I should have been sent to a reformatory centre}

Yep, we're pretty bad in school. Well, actually, we're some of the best behaved lessons


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Kouta and Kushina
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Hey, we are Kouta and Kushina, otherwise known as The Super Twins!

We're both otakus who love to draw, write and read and we will eat your souls but you can't eat ours because Hades has it.

We have 353 OCs, 13 stories, 3 comics and counting!

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:iconmaisieisawolf: The best friend we know in real life
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Our Children (Don't ask)
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:icondeadmasterplz: Dead Master
:iconinsanebrs: Insane Black Rock Shooter
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Where You'll Find Us

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Well cheerio! <3

xxx Kouta-chan and Kushina-chan

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